Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Pre budget price hike by paper mills

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 4:26 PM
Stationery prices to increase by 10% 
Ludhiana: Feb 19, 2013(Rector Kathuria and S K Gogna): As per the recent communication, Ballarpur industries increasing its paper prices again w.e.f. 1st March, 2013. As per sources there will be a increase in woodfree grade papers including copiers of Rs. 1000 pmt. It is worth mentioning here that only few months back the paper prices were increased by the paper mills due to increase in wood pulp rates in the international market. Further there can be some impact on the paper prices
due to any change in duty/levy rates may be announced in the Union Budget on 28 February, 2013.

Earlier in February, OPA announced increase of Prices in Printing & Packaging Industry by 15% due to sudden increase in the rates of paper by almost all the major Paper, Paperboard & Carft Paper mills. Now this
increase will again put pressure on the Rates of finished printing goods. Printing and Packaging industry is already suffering due to non availability of skilled/semi skilled workforce and this increase in the raw
material cost may hit very hard and once again the printers will be compelled to increase their prices. With this increase in price of wood free paper which is used generally for text book and note book printing the
cost of Books and Note books for school children nay cost more in the next session, Mr. Parveen Aggarwal, President Offset Printers Association said.
He further added that the prices of paper are being increased by the paper mills every now and then without any solid reason, as per details available it is seen that the Prices of Paper and other raw material used in the
printing and packaging industry is doubled in the past about 7 years. The input labour cost has also been increased by 38% during same Period but the rates of printing has only been increased by 20% in the same period.  Now it is becoming extremely difficult to withstand any increase and we will be compelled to further increase our rates at least by 10% w.e.f. 1st March,2013 if no relief is received through Union Budget this year, Mr. Aggarwal Said.

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