Monday, July 08, 2013

Invitation-Spreading Buddhism Conference 2013

Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 5:57 PMInvitation - Spreading Buddhism Conference 2013 An International meet
will be held at Nagpur on July 20-21, 2013
              Civil Rights Protection cell is going to organize "Spreading Buddhism 
Conference 2013, an International Meet" at Dr. Ambedkar Cultural Hall, Urvela
Colony, Wardha Road, Nagpur on July 20-21, 2013 with association of 
AWAZ India TV, Dr. Ambedkar Engineers Association, Dr. Ambedkar Health
Organization, Ashwaghosh Buddhist Foundation, Jeewak Welfare Society.
The two days program is as follows.:
     Saturday 20th July 2013
10.00 Am : Inauguration - H.E. Tsona Gontse Rimpoche
                    Welcome Chairperson - Dr. Milind Jiwane
                    Chairperson - Hon. Amar Ramteke
                    Chief Guest - Ven. Khem Dhammo
                    Guest of Honors - Dr. Arvind Alok (New Delhi)
                                           Adv. Bharulata Kamble (Film Producer, Australia)
12.00AM - Publication of Souvenir "Buddha Chakra"
Session - I 
1.00 to 2.30 PM - Buddha Sangiti (For Monks)        
               Chairperson - Ven. Khem Dhammo

              Co-Chairperson - Ven. Nandvardhan Bodhi

              Rapport - Ven. Mettanand

Session - II

2.30 to 4.00 PM : The Concept of Buddhist India.               Chairperson - Adv. Vasant Umare
              Co-Chairperson - Er. P.S. Khobragade
              Rapport - Dr. Milind Mane
Session - III
 4.15 to 5.45 PMThe Buddhist Code of Conduct.
Chairperson - Hon. B.M. Kaushal
              Co-Chairperson - Adv. Vasant Khaparde
              Rapport - Dr. Suchit Bagde
Session IV
5.45 to 6.15 PM : Buddhism & Women Empoerment.
Chairperson - Dr. Rupa Bodhi Kulkarni
              Co-Chairperson - Dr. Mrs. Archan Sukhdeve
              Rapport - Ms. Mayuri Choudhari
6.15 to 8.00 : Cultural Program 
   July 21, 2013
Session - V

10.00 to 11.30 AM : Buddhist Literature 
             Chairperson - Dr. Munshilal Gautam, IAS
              Co-Chairperson - Dr. Niraj Bodhi
              Rapport - Hon. Swatantra Gajbhiye
Session - VI
12.00 to 1.30 PM : Buddha's Economics.
Chairperson - Er. Kuldeep Ramteke
              Co-Chairperson - Adv. Bharulata Kamble 
              Rapport - Dr. shankar Khobragade
Session - VII
1.30 to 3.00 PM : Co-ordination of Buddhist at large.
Chairperson - Prof. Dr. Surjeet Boudh
              Co-Chairperson - Er. Moreshwar Meshram
              Rapport - Dr. P.D. Bailmare
Session - VIII
3.15 to 4.30 PM : Implementation on Prepared Action Plan.
Chairperson - Hon. Arvind Sontakke
              Co-Chairperson - Dr. Dhanraj Dahat
              Rapport - Adv. Hashu Meshram
4.30 to 6.30 PM : Valedictory Function.
            Chief Guest : H.H. 13th Tsona Gontse Rimpoche
Chairperson : Amar Ramteke
Guest of Honors : Dr. Munshilal Gautam, IAS
                                         Hon. Chandrabodhi Patil
6.45 to 7.15 PM : Resolutions
7.15 to 8.30 PM : Cultural ProgramWith regards:
Dr. Milind Jiwane
Chairman & Chief Organizer
Spreading Buddhism Conference 2013
(An International Meet)
Civil Rights Protection Cell
* Awaz India TV
* Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Engineers Association
* Dr. Ambedkar Health Organization
* Ashwaghosh Buddhist Foundation
* Jeewak Welfare Society

Monday, July 01, 2013

CMC Ldh:Greets her doctors on doctors day

Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 2:41 PM
Cherubic Angel with Heart Disease from the valley
A happy baby Rakina (in black kurta) with the Director of CMC – Dr Abraham G Thomas and Dr HS Bedi wishing them a Happy Doctors Day
Ludhiana, 01 July, 2013:(Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria): The lovely angelic child – Baby Rakina – aged 2 years – daughter of Mr Mohd Hanif and Mrs Noorbano of Srinagar – had a major heart surgery at the Christian Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana. She was discharged in a healthy condition and was doing well. Today – on Doctors Day – 1st July 2013 – she and her parents decided to come specially and thank all her treating doctors on Doctors Day. She brought special sweets for all the staff from the valley.

Mohd Hani and Noorbano thanked the CMC & H Institute and all its doctors who took such good care of their baby.  It may be mentioned here that Rakina had a major heart defect (large hole in the heart) which was damaging her heart and lungs. Rakina was not growing according to their age and would get recurrent infections. She would land up in the emergency room of the hospital in J & K time and again. The parents were told that Rakina needed an early heart surgery. However Mohd Hanif – a labourer was unable to collect the money required. He was then were referred to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardiac Surgery at the CMC and H Ludhiana. On investigation it was realized that only a major open heart surgery could save Rakina as her heart was close to its terminal condition. Dr Bedi who has had advanced training in the treatment of such cases at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Australia said that if untreated the lungs of such children get damaged beyond repair . In co-ordination with the Director–Dr Abraham G Thomas and Dr Jugesh Chattwal Prof and Head Paediatrics – it was decided to perform the high risk case under the Gift of Life scheme funded by the CMC Alumni USA and the UMSF USA. A major heart surgery was done wherein Rakina’s body was placed on a heart lung machine, the heart stopped and put on ice and the hole in the heart repaired .By Gods grace – Rakina’s heart recovered immediately. The other members of the team during the marathon surgery were Dr S Garg, Dr Melchi, Dr Allen, Dr Anish, Dr  JaiPrakash, Dr Aradhana, Dr Shipra, Dr Neethu, Dr Amritha, Dr Pearl and Dr Rakhi. The delicate control of the heart lung machine was done by Mr William and Mr Jairus.

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC said that on Doctors Day the Faculty & Heart Team of CMC & H rededicates itself to  look after patients  with the humility , selflessness and compassion for which CMC is so well known . Dr Bedi told that it was very gratifying when such patients do well with major open heart surgery. The smiling face of the patient and her family is the greatest satisfaction for any doctor. Dr Bedi said that the greatest compliment he has received so far was when Noorbano said that the Heart Team took care of Rakina with motherly love.