Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Condemn Brutal Attacks on Pakistani Ahmadi Community---JIP

Global Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony and Journalists For International Peace vehemently condemned brutal attack on Two Ahmedi Sect mosques in Pakistan in which almost 93 worshippers were killed

The assaults were launched shortly after prayers.

Reportedly, it had warned of threats against the Ahmadi community centre in Lahore for more than a year and demanded “foolproof security and protection” from the government. It expressed concern over “the increasing sectarian dimension” of militancy in Pakistan, which it called “a big security threat to the entire society”.

JIP and GPCIH , believe that some vested interests are hacthing conspiracy to target various sects of the religion to create a restlessness in the society. Such barbaric act of terrorism personified total failure of intelligence agencies to spot and unearth the culprits prior to launch the attacks.

JIP & GPCIH also condemned callaous attitude of the Authorities who were conducting medical treatment openly in Jinnah Medical Hospital , where attackers killed some security personnel in a pursuit to kidnap or kill the injured accused being treated in the hospital." These security men are martyr and offered their lives for the human Cuase,,, However, Govenrmnet should have undertaken measures to treat him some unknown place, under better arrangements".

“We condemn this brutal violence against innocent people. We also condemn the targeting and violence against any religious group, in this case the Ahmadi community."

Iftikhar Chaudri ( Administrator of the Group)
Journalists For International Peace
Islamabad, Pakistan

Note : ( Message was delayed- due to ban on Facebook in Pakistan)

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