Sunday, August 29, 2010

An urgent call for solidarity with the people of Pakistan

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pakistan floods
Dear friends,

As you are probably aware, Pakistan has been hit over the past weeks with rains and flooding of an enormous and unprecedented scale. The Communist Party of Pakistan has issued an appeal to fraternal parties, including the CPUSA, to help their country’s stricken people.

This help is of the highest urgency. There are reliable reports of more than 2,500 dead, 2.5 million acres of cropland inundated, 400,000 domestic animals drowned or starved, and almost 25 million people displaced or otherwise affected—representing 15 percent of the country’s population of 170 million. Latest reports are that nearly a million people have been cut off from all help by the rampaging floodwaters.

There is a danger of epidemics of cholera and other water borne diseases. The damage to property, public and private, is huge and will take years to overcome.

The CPUSA asks its members and friends to extend a hand in solidarity to the Pakistani people.

We urge everybody to contribute to helping Pakistan through MADRE, a progressive U.S. based organization that has worked in Pakistan before and that has a long history of help in overseas disaster operations.

It’s simple: Just click here to go to the MADRE website and they will walk you through the steps to take to send help to the Pakistani people.

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