Friday, June 03, 2011

She got the new life at CMC Hospital Ludhiana

LudhianaMrs Mohinder Kaur of Dharamshala was admitted to the Christian Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana in a critical condition. She was seen by Dr Mary John – Head of Medicine. 
She had severe stenosis of her valve which had earlier been operated upon 20 years back. Due to the valve disease her lungs were full of water and were not able to exchange oxygen. Consultation with Dr Harinder Singh Bedi–Head of Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery – was done and a high risk emergency operation planned. A redo ie 2nd time surgery was required. Dr Bedi told that redo surgeries carry a slightly higher risk than first time ones but the risk was compounded by the fact that the patient was so unwell. Surgery could not be delayed as this would have worsened the lungs. The CTVS department of CMC has a large experience of such cases. A marathon surgery was conducted. Dr Bedi said that the valve was grossly calcified and stuck with only a small pinhole opening for the flow of blood. The valve was excised and replaced with the latest generation tissue valve as this gives the best results in such ill patients.
Mrs Mohinder Kaur made a remarkable recovery and celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary the next day with her son, husband and the whole team (pic) with a special cake.
The other members of the team are Dr A Joseph, Dr A Gupta, Dr V Abraham, Dr Amit, Dr Anuj and Dr Richa,     Dr Mary John and Dr Bedi said that Mrs Mohinder Kaur should now have a normal life. As her new valve is a special one – she will not have to take lifelong medications as with the other metallic valves.
Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H – said that the CMC was committed to give the best care to patients of this region with the availability of superspecialists round the clock. 
Photo: Mrs Mohinder Kaur with her family and Dr Mary John and Dr Harinder Singh Bedi a day after her major open heart surgery. --Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria

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