Thursday, August 11, 2011

Breast milk for the optimum growth and development

Ludhiana, 11th August, 2011:  Breast feeding week has recently been celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.  The Department of Pediatrics Christian Medical College & Hospital too organized various talks, keeping in mind the theme for this year which was ‘Talk to me….’  Dr Inderpreet SohiProfessor of Pediatrics and Secretary National Neonatology Forum, Punjab conducted an interactive session on breast feeding for the staff nurses.  She emphasized the advantages of breast milk which is specifically meant for the optimum growth and development of the human infant. Babies who are exclusively breast fed have been found to have higher IQ and are better in intellectual activities later in life.  Breast milk is also protective against major illnesses like sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in the newborn period 

and diarrhea, respiratory infections and ear infections later on.  It is also protective against allergic disorders like asthma, eczema and cardiovascular disorders, obesity, diabetes and even cancer in later life. It is recommended that an infant be exclusively breast fed upto 6 months of age after which appropriate complementary feeds need to be started to maintain optimum growth.
 Dr Shaveta  Kundra , Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics delivered a talk on breast feeding to student nurses.  She emphasized the advantages of breast feeding to the mother and the factors which help in enhancing the milk flow in mothers.  A relaxed and happy state of mind of the mother, along with sight and sound of the baby enhance milk flow.  Mothers are also advised to take a balanced nutritious diet and plenty of fluids while breast feeding.  Young mothers also need to be taught the proper technique of breast feeding so that they avoid the problems like sore or cracked nipples and breast engorgement and can continue to breast feed their babies effectively. 
 Keeping in mind the theme for this year’s breast feeding week a session on breast feeding was also taken By Dr Noorul Ain, Resident Department of Pediatrics, for the expectant mothers attending the antenatal OPD. They were taught the technique of proper breast feeding and also how to tackle any problems that may arise and were motivated to exclusively breast feed their babies till 6 months of age.. --Shalu Arora

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