Friday, October 21, 2011

Dr. Bedi got best paper award at the VSI Conference

Vascular disease is a major health problem in India
1 in 20 people over 50 years of age have vascular disease 
Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of the Cardio  Vascular & Thoracic Surgery Department of the Christian Medical College & Hospital – was awarded the prestigious best paper award at the Vascular Society of India Conference in Mumbai .
Dr Bedi told that numerous International & National Experts from UK, USA, Germany and all over India gathered at this conference to discuss the latest in the management of vascular diseases.  Vascular disease is a major health problem in India . 1 in 20 people over 50 years of age have vascular disease -  the total number of cases being over 42 million. Vascular disease is not just "poor circulation." Vascular disease comes in various forms: peripheral arterial disease affects the arteries taking blood to the arms and the legs, carotid artery disease affects the arteries taking blood to the brain, and renal artery disease limits the blood flow to the kidneys causing high blood pressure or renal  failure.

Prof Peter McCollum – Prof of Vascular Surgery from UK - led the eminent panel of 6 International judges.  45 papers had been chosen for the Challenging case session. Dr Bedi spoke about a very challenging case of renal failure – Mr Suwinder Singh a 65 year old gentleman - who had previous shunt procedures -  in various hospitals in Chandigarh and Delhi -  for hemodialysis . He developed complications due to which the dialysis shunt had to be modified many times so that finally it produced the complication of gangrene in the hands . The dilemma was how to save the hand and at the same time have a functioning shunt as the patient needed twice a week hemodialysis to keep him alive. An innovative hybrid endovascular procedure was done and a stent put in his hand artery to prevent amputation . A new shunt using an imported graft was constructed in the leg. This functioned well and the dialysis was successfully carried out via this graft in Chandigarh.  Dr Bedi told that the CTVS Dept of CMC & H was referred complicated cases of dialysis graft failures from all over Punjab  - but this case was the most challenging. The judges panel and the audience appreciated the paper and it was awarded.

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H – told that the CTVS Dept of CMC was one of the oldest in the country and treatment of all vascular disorders was being done here with the latest techniques including endovascular ones.

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