Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Refund the fee

Show cause notice issued to school
Coram: Hima Kohli J

Delhi Government Counsel today informed the Court that a show cause notice dated 8.11.2011 has been issued to the school management asking them to refund the fee charged from the parents on account of property tax. The Court directed the Delhi Government to take final decision within 2 weeks and based on the decision, action should be taken against the school. CAG has also been asked to file their reply to the writ petition. The case was adjourned to 29.02.2012.

On the last date of hearing i.e. 03.10.2011 the High Court had issued notices to the St. Lawrence Convent Public School, Delhi Government and CAG on the petition of the parents filed through Advocate Ashok Agarwal challenging the action of the school in arbitrarily increasing fees and other charges in the academic years 2010-11 & 2011-12 under various heads including that of property tax. “The school had subjected the hapless parents to pay Rs.429/- per student on account of property tax which was impermissible in law”, submitted Mr. Agarwal.


No.DE.47/D.D.E (E)/Pr. Branch/2011/1400                                        Dated: 08/11/11


1.     Whereas, various complaints against St. Lawrence Convent Public School, Geeta Colony received sin the District made by President St. Lawrence Convent School Patents Welfare Association reg.severe fee hike by the school.

2.     Whereas, the school charged property tax from the parents due to the demand raised by MCD against the school. This is not in accordance with Govt. rules. The school accepted to withdraw the decision of charging property tax from next quarter of fee. The school should refund the property tax charges so far immediately in addition to aforesaid decision.

3.     Whereas, SMS charges are optional for parents. The school should clearly notify it to parents that these charges are optional and should not force it on parents.

4.     Whereas, the increase in the school fees in the year 2011-12 in about 30-50% which is not justified. The school fails to produce justification and minutes of meeting of SLMC in which it is approved in presence of Govt. Nominee. The enormous increase in the fee in not justified. The increase upto 10 to 15% may be allowed and rest of the fee hike should be withdrawn immediately.

5.     Whereas, the fee charged under head Physical Education charges, maintenance charges, are not justifies. The sale of school bags, school uniform, holding marriges and other commercial activities in the school affiliated to CBSE are not acceptable under DSEAR, 1973 & should stopped.

6.     The school should develop a system of redressal of grievances of parents and complaints as to uphold its image and noble cause of imparting education.

The manager/HOS of the school is therefore directed to submit explanation on the above mentioned deficiencies observed by the team members within 2 days, failing which action as deemed fit shall be taken against you under DSEAR Act, 1973.

(Neelam Verma)
Dy. Director of Education/RDE (East)
The Manager/HOS,
St. Lawrence Convent School,
Geeta Colony,

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