Friday, July 13, 2012

Parents & Students Dharna at DOE office

Demanding withdrawal of arbitrary Class XI Admission CriteriaManu Samriti still at work in minds of top govt. officials
The Directorate of Education vide its order dated 28-05-2012 have changed the criteria for admission in XIth class in Science and Commerce streams. No justification or rationale behind the change in criteria is forthcoming, this circular not even finds mention in the web site of the Directorate of Education

In regards to Science stream, a candidate having CGPA6 was eligible previous year but now minimum CGPA7 is required, furthermore where earlier a student needed overall grade C1 in total and individually in subjects English, Mathematics and Science, but now it is mandatory to obtain minimum grade B2 in English, Science and Mathematics individually to be eligible in Science stream. As a result where last year, based on the earlier admission criteria, nearly 15000 students got admission in Science stream but now, based on current revised criteria, not more than 5200 students will get admission in Science stream.

It is important to know that presently also Science stream is not available in all Government Schools. The numbers of Government Schools with Science stream in 2011-2012 have reduced in comparison to the status of 2008-09.
In regards to Commerce stream a candidate having CGPA5 was eligible previous year but now as per present criteria minimum CGPA 6.6 (with mathematics) and 6 (without mathematics) is required. In addition to, CGPA difference a student needed overall grade C2 in total and individually C2 in subjects English and Social Science and C1 in Mathematics but now it is mandatory to obtain minimum grade C1 in English and Social Science and B2 in Mathematics to be eligible in Commerce stream.
Last year, based on the earlier criteria, nearly 36000 students got admission in Commerce stream but now, based on current revised criteria, not more than 20000 students will get admission in Commerce stream.
It appears that the Government is adhering to a policy of totally eliminating Science stream and diminishing the number of students in Commerce stream in Government schools. There is also some change in criteria for the change of Humanities stream where at-least CGPA 6 is needed to get Economics as a subject.
As a result of the modified criteria for the 2012-13 for admission in Commerce and Science streams, even formation of Sections for these streams has become difficult in many of the Government schools and is resulting in forcing students to opt for either Humanities stream or take admission in Patrachar Vidyalaya (where students have no future except to get XIIth Class Certificate).
It appears that the intention of Government behind such arbitrary criteria is only to promote Unaided Private schools where schools are at liberty to fix their own criteria for admission in to various streams. The parents of the students wanting to take admission in the particular streams will have no other alternative than to succumb to the unjustified demands of the Private Unaided Schools. By reducing the admissions in the Science and Commerce stream in the Government Schools the Government is ensuring that most of the future Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants and Economist will come from the Private Unaided Schools and all the Labourers, Workers, Subordinates will come from the Government Schools. That directly translates in to that only those who can afford to pay for the Education will get the Education, thereby converting Education in to a Commodity where one has to Invest to get returns in future.
The Government statistics itself project that 85% of the school going population studies in the Government run Schools and only 15% of the school going population can afford Education in Unaided Private Schools.  It implies that the 15% will prevail over the 85% of the population and this 85% population will always remain exposed to all kind of exploitation. The masses will remain the exploited lot. That comes out of Manu Smriti.

We all have to join hands and protest against the demonic design of the Government to fail the plan of the Government to indirectly Privatise the Education. To protest against the plan of the Government to convert Government Schools in to Workers/ Labourers manufacturing factories and to fight for the Social Justice in Education for all, the All India Parents Association (AIPA) is organizing a VISHAL DHARNA in front of the office of Delhi Directorate of Education, Civil Lines Delhi-110054 on Monday 16th July 2012 at 16:00Hrs. All are requested to join the protest in large numbers.

Ashok Agarwal, Advocate     
Inderjeet Singh Ghambir
National President, AIPA       President, AIPA (Delhi)
M-09811101923                        M-9810133325
12 July 2012

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