Saturday, November 24, 2012

To Cure Young bravehearts of major heart disease

Rotary Int. and Army join hands with CMC Heart team

Mr Som Nath Sharma and Mrs Sharda Devi from Akhnoor (J&K), Mr Mohd

Shabir & Mrs Shamim Akhtar from Rajouri (J&K)   are extremely happy
parents today. Their children – Janu Sharma (7y) and Irfan (8y)
respectively had major heart defects with large holes in their hearts
along with defective valves. Both were not growing according to their
age and would get recurrent infections and were blue in colour . They
would land up in the emergency time and again. They are both from a
financially challenged background. They were investigated in Jammu
where the doctors advised an early major open heart surgery at an
advanced centre. Both could not afford to even travel outside J & K.

Their case was ‘adopted’ by the Army under project Sadbhawana – a
brain child of the Chief Of Army Staff – Gen Bikram Singh – and the
International Rotary India Humanity Foundation (based in Kolkata with
Mr Shekhar Mehta as the Director) which runs the Saving Little Hearts
programme. Mrs Sushmita Dasgupta with Ms Urmi Basu (sponsor) of the
Rotary took a personal interest and brought these children with their
parents to the prestigious Christian Medical College & Hospital in
Ludhiana to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardiac Surgery. On
investigation it was realized that only a major open heart surgery
could save both as medicines had no role and if untreated it could
even lead to death. The bright youngsters suffered from a congenital
heart defect called Tatralogy of Fallot - what is called a ‘Blue Baby’
disease. This is a defect from birth and basically leads to impure
blood mixing with pure blood due to a large hole in the heart combined
with small arteries to the lung.

Dr Bedi who has had advanced training in the treatment of such cases
at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Australia and is one
of the senior most practicing cardiac surgeons of India - told that
both children underwent a major  open heart surgery (total correction)
and are doing well. Dr Bedi said that their hearts are now normal and
both can now lead a normal healthy life.  In fact Janu now wants to be
a doctor while Irfan is aiming to be a fighter pilot. The children
were operated upon under the ‘CMC Gift of Life’ project where highly
subsidized International level cardiac surgical care is given to all

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC said that the Institute is fully
geared to take care of such children with heart defects. Dr Bedi told
that it was only because of the strong backup of Dr Jugesh Chattawl –
Prof of Paediatrics – and her team that most of the heart defects
could be safely treated in CMC. The other members of the Heart team
during the marathon surgeries were Dr A Joseph, Dr S Garg , Dr Melchi,
Dr Anish, Dr Vishal, Dr Gurleen, Dr Elizabeth, Dr Ashwin and Dr
Cynthia . The Officers of the Army took a personal interest and gave
invaluable logistic and moral help.

Pic: Master Janu and Master Irfan with Dr Harinder Singh Bedi , Dr
Jugesh Chattwal and the Heart team of CMC

For Further Details Please Contact Dr.H.S.Bedi: 9814060480

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