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Neurological Diseases: CME at CMC

Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 4:00 PM
A Leading Cause of Disability in India
Ludhiana, 17th November, 2013: (Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria): India, the world’s second most populous country, is facing the emergence of a “hidden” epidemic: disability due to neurologic diseases. The rapid economic, demographic, and social transformation of India in recent decades has already resulted in the double burden of unresolved epidemics of infectious diseases (e.g., malaria, tuberculosis) coupled with rising rates of chronic diseases (e.g., stroke, heart attack). This was stated by Professor Gourie Devi, former Director and Vice-Chancellor of National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore in the 31st Dr LH Lobo memorial oration. She said stroke, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injuries due to road traffic accidents are the major causes of disability in India.  She spoke also about the delivery of neurological services at different levels of care in India.

Dr LH Lobo memorial trust, Ludhiana has been organizing the Dr LH Lobo Memorial Oration and Scientific symposium for the last 30 years, in memory of the late Dr LH Lobo, an eminent and renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon and Former Head of Orthopaedic department and Principal of Christian Medical College (CMC), Ludhiana.   This year the 31st Dr LH Lobo Memorial Oration was organised by the department of Neurology, CMC on November 16th in the hospital auditorium. The inaugural function and the oration were conducted by Shri Sukhpat Rai Wadehra, President, Dr LH Lobo Memorial Trust and Dr MK Mahajan, Secretary, Padma Bhushan Prof JS Chopra, from Chandigarh was the Guest of Honour. Dr S Chopra gave the vote of thanks.

After the oration a CME on ”Management of Central Nervous System Infections” was organised by the department of Neurology, CMC Ludhiana. Prof Satishchandra Director and Vice-Chancellor of NIMHANS Bangalore gave a talk on the neurological manifestations in HIV patients.  Dr S Prabhakar, Head of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, updated the audience on the recent management of Bacterial meningitis. Prof Mathew Alexander HOD, Dept of Neurology, CMC Vellore spoke about the brain infection following measles virus. Prof Gourie Devi discussed about the various types of TB infection that can affect the brain.

Prof Yashpal Singh briefly talked about the common viral infection of the brain called Herpes simplex encephalitis. Prof Gagandeep Singh discussed various treatment options for Neurocysticercosis(tape worm) affecting the brain. Dr Jency Koshy gave a lecture on neurological complications that can occur due to Dengue fever. Dr DivyaDeodhar spoke about the current treatment of TB infection affecting the brain. Dr Vikas Loomba talked about the emerging infection called Scrub Typhus and its neurological manifestations. A PG Quiz on the Neuroinfections was held during the program. More than 200 delegates attended the program. The CME was organised by Dr Jeyaraj D Pandian and Dr Yashpal Singh.         Neurological Diseases: CME at CMC

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