Friday, July 16, 2010

Closer to freedom. More fragile than ever

Go the last mile for Filep and other human rights defenders with a gift to Amnesty International.
Filep Karma is closer than ever to being released from prison, but his health is deteriorating. We’re running out of time.
Go the last mile for Filep and other human rights defenders with a gift to Amnesty International.

Dear Rector,

We’re getting closer to securing the release of Filep Karma, and need your help to go the final mile.

The good news is that fellow Indonesian prisoner of conscience Yusak Pakage was released from prison earlier this month. 

Soon after his release, Yusak sent us a warm message of thanks and added:

"[This message is] from someone who has suffered and who now smiles again thanks to Amnesty."

The power of these words says it all. Yet as Yusak celebrates freedom, Filep suffers with urgent health problems in an abusive, squalid prison in West Papua. Indonesian authorities have delayed his travel to Jakarta for treatment.

While we've made significant progress in gathering support for a Congressional resolution condemning Indonesia's imprisonment of peaceful political activists, more support is needed.

Filep's freedom - and possibly his life - are on the line.
Freedom for Filep!
Fellow prisoner of conscience Yusak Pakage was released in July. Help us ensure that Filep Karma's freedom is soon to follow.
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Support our work and give hope to Filep and other prisoners of conscience in Indonesia. 

We hear time and again from former prisoners of conscience how grateful they were to have Amnesty on their side. Your messages of hope buoy them through unimaginably grim circumstances.

It's your financial support that makes this lifesaving work possible. Amnesty succeeds, and perseveres, because of your steadfast commitment to human rights.

Let's keep the human rights victories coming. Make a gift to Amnesty International and support our life-saving human rights work.


Michael O'Reilly
Senior Campaign Director, Individuals at Risk
Amnesty International USA

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