Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states.....!!!

Water demand has started to exceed supply. In the future the adequate supply of water will become more and more of an important issue.And yet you have 1000,s of litres of it hitting your roof and running into the ground every year from the sky!Rainwater harvesting is simply collecting rain which falls onto properties, then storing it and using it as a free resource.
The advantages of rainwater harvesting are:

  • Save up to 70% on your water bills every year

  • Constant flow of rainwater even in a power cut

  • No pump noise with our system

  • Beat any hose pipe bans the water is yours to use as you wish

  • Gains Eco-homes rating points for your property

  • Clean flush option 

  • Rainwater is better for your garden as it has a balanced ph and is free of chemicals such as chlorine.

  • Helps reduce flooding in the area you live in

  • Helps you sleep soundly as you help reduce demand on the planets resources.

 Rain is considered in some of the renewable energy but now the situation changing.Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I'm about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials,that rain belongs to someone else.Read full story.

Scientists from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have developed a new "super sock" technology that helps to prevent pollution from flowing down storm drains and back into water supplies. These socks wrap around storm drains and trap pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals and petroleum products from making their way into oceans and rivers.

Published in the Journal of Environmental Quality, the study on these socks found that these compost-filled mesh tubes remove most of the clay, silt and other particles that are present in surface waters.To know more about storm water pollution and to read full story click here

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