Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The feeling of ''separate ness'' is a kind of ''damaging

An important message from Parvati Khan
Singing toward upliftment of inmates satsang/workshop jail Allahabad
SAB KA MALIK EK.... ek hai, ek hai, ek hai...God is ONE.. he governs US ALL no matter what name we may choose to call him by, no matter which country , community, sect we may find ourselves to be existing/believing in.. Sab Ka Malik EK. HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS GREAT REVELATION /TRUTH &ONE POINTED TEACHING BY the AVTAAR of humanity, unity and love. The feeling of ''separate ness'' is a kind of ''damaging 'innocence.’HELP build Parvati khan’s ‘I love you’’ campaign’, pls don’t break d chain! It emanates frm d ‘’source’’ through which it expresses. Let’s generate together, ‘worldwide ’selfless’’ love‘2 help heal d world. How many of us muster d courage to say ‘I love you’ 2 those who R NOT family, /relatives /special friends? Know this truth, none R strangers here!!! Words carry d energy of their feelings/meaning& are further energized thru endorsements of d same. 
Sai declared his presence... when my son was critically ill.
Let’s inflate this LOVE ENERGY /FEELING SO BIG dat it transmutes negativity ANY where in d world. Let’s HEAL those who hurt us, THIS is d way 2 diffuse negativity, not through wars, violence, division, subjugation or separatism. Make a real difference through THIS SMALL gesture which carries divine consequences! ‘’I LOVE YOU’’ I appeal 2 U & ALL friends 2 pls support my oneness & love campaign , by posting, the ‘’original campaign message’’ up next, (with my pic as it carries d accumulated energy so far on this campaign), on my wall, yr walls; TAG d same 2 ALL in suprt of d effort pls. To authenticate my commitment pls visit my ‘’transition’ photos&data/profile& look at the VERY old posts/videos pix. Go to YOU TUBE&C my videos& READ d descriptions abt major ‘’transition’’ from show biz /material 2d spiritual world do leave yr comments at youtube, FB etc. please. 
Video titles: 1)parvati khan live in Russia Siberia. 2)parvati khan karma removal mantra 3) parvati khan anthemtake2 4) parvati khan anthem. 5) parvati khan ai dile nadaan. Pls leave yr comments at you tube.. U wud need 2 open a youtube account, sorry for d time taken but yr invaluable comments wud b deeply appreciated. Thanx a ton.
Parvati Khan tells about this photograph.
This CHARRED Atari Express , the special train symbolizing unity between pakistan and India & on the inaugural day, this train was set ablaze as it left panipat killing all its passengers. In the name of humanity and grief over the tragedy I traveled all the way to Delhi and then to panipat to be there, at the break of dawn to sing my message of peace, to pray for the souls , to stand on the platform of inhumanity and project love and peace .I prayed for those who set ablaze the train for they need our prayers to experience a shift of consciousness. People in pakistan have also done great wrongs and these lives paid the price.. on that fateful day for their wrongs.. and the chain of evil continued, this si what is happening everywhere in the world! People have forgot the meaning of humanity and love. I want to be very instrumental in helping as many people to walk the path of truth. THIS is part of my humanity drive!.
Now waiting your views, actions and support to this message of love...Rector Kathuria

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