Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yudhishtar Singh Bedi starred in the CCM

The Capital City Minstrels performing at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi – inset Yudhishtar Singh Bedi.
A Ludhiana lad – Yudhishtar Singh Bedi – starred in the prestigious “The Capital City Minstrels “ (CCM), North India’s best known choir in New Delhi recently . The group gave a scintillating performance at the Hungarian Art Centre , The India Habitat Centre and the Gurgaon Epicentre Cultural Centre to a packed audience .
The Capital City Minstrels  comprises people from all walks of life - professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers, corporate executives and embassy personnel, of all ages and nationalities, from all the five continents, as diverse as French, German, South American, African, Chinese, Korean, Australian and Indian, all with one thing in common – their love of music. CCM’s repertoire spans a wide range; from the earliest choral music to the entire spectrum of western classical music, and opera to ballads, folk songs, Broadway musicals, rock, pop, jazz as well as Indian music arranged for choir performance.
CCM has performed more than 100 concerts since the early 1990’s at prestigious venues all over India . CCM as the choral group is known, believes that there is more to singing in harmony than simply hitting the right notes at the right time. This notion of harmony is evident in the coming together of people of different ages, from different parts of the country and, indeed, from different countries. Various professionals from different walks of life are part of CCM, with sundry races and religions coming together to blend their voices in song, in many languages. Zohra Shaw, Fellow of Trinity College of MusicLondon, founded this choir eleven years ago - in 1994.  It is now headed by a talented group including Maxwell Pereira – ex Chief Commissioner of Police of New Delhi .  The composer is the talented Russian Nadya V Balyan. Mr Pereira has promised to hold a performance in Punjab soon.
 Yudhishtar - a young BioTechnology scientist  from Ludhiana – has joined this group recently and has impressed Ms Nadya with his talent . He is the youngest member of this prestigious select group . His parents are doctors in the Christian Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana (Dr Harinder Singh Bedi and Dr Nandini Bedi – Cardiac and Paediatric Surgeons respectively) . Yudhishtar has been selected at the prestigious University of California in USA - he will be continuing his passion for music there along with his research . Mr Pereira believes that music has a strong binding and healing touch in this chaotic era  and believes in encouraging the youngsters to get involved in music actively. Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria 

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