Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrate Birth anniversary of Shaheed Udham Singh

Throw away yokes of slavery-PPP
Chandigarh : People's Party of Punjab (PPP) today asked people to celebrate the birth anniversary of Shaheed Udham Singh (December 26) by taking a pledge that people of Punjab will throw away the yoke of slavery from corruption, communalism, casteism and anti-people forces.
"The great martry Shaheed Udham Singh used to call himself Ram Mohammad Singh Azad indicating that he had epitomized the aspirations of all religions and all people of India so that they could breathe in azadi", PPP chief Manpreet Singh Badal said today. He stated that despite being granted political independence from the British Raj, people have still not achieved independence from aristocracy, dynasty and family rule. People still have to achieve independence from corruption and communalism.
PPP, which organized a rally at Sunam yesterday, said that the true tribute to Shaheed Udham Singh would be to rise above these divisive tendencies and work towards creation a new Punjab. Manpreet reminded people that though the Congress leadership at that time had condemned the act of Shaheed Udham Singh, it was Udham Singh's nationalism along with other revolutionaries that unleashed a movement that the British were not able to counter.

Shaheed Udham Singh is reported to have not celebrated the New Year for 21 years since the fateful day of Jallianwala Bagh.

Today, Punjab needs to embark upon a new freedom struggle. That would be a true tribute to Shaheed Udham Singh.

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