Friday, December 09, 2011

Medical Tourism in CMC Helps NRI Patients

Mr Notra had severe heart disease
Ludhiana// 8th December, 2011//Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria
Patient Randhir Singh Notra in happy mood with Dr. H S Bedi
Punjab is slowly developing as the hub of medical tourism in North India after New Delhi. In view of the excellent cardiac surgery results of CMC Hospital–a number of NRI patients are being referred as a part of medical tourism. Not only are the services up to International standards but the cost is much less. 

The latest patient referred was Randhir Singh Notra from Dubai. His healthcare provider - Fathima Healthcare Management Services– UAE – after doing a thorough background check– decided to refer Mr Notra to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi– Head of Cardio Vascular Surgery at the Christian Medical College & Hospital in Ludhiana. Dr Bedi told that Mr Notra had severe heart disease and underwent a minimally invasive total arterial beating heart bypass.

Mr Notra said that he was extremely satisfied with his treatment at CMC . He felt that the quality of the doctors, the paramedical staff, the technology available was on par with the best in the West. Additionally the compassion and care that he saw being given to all patients was priceless. Added to this is the fact that the same therapy in the West would cost about 10 times more. His healthcare provider had told him that Dr Bedi was a world leader in the beating heart technology which gives a safe and long lasting therapy to heart patients. Dr Bedi has his name in the Limca Book of World Records for innovating in the field of beating heart surgery.

Dr Abraham G Thomas–Director of CMC Hospital  reiterated that the CMC being one of the oldest Institutes of India was always in the forefront on imparting quality medical care to not only people of this region but also patients from all over the country and abroad.

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