Saturday, March 24, 2012

Art face of medical line

Talent sets the stage alight at CMC Ludhiana
The Music and Theatre Workshop of Christian Medical College (CMC) Ludhiana comprises of doctors and students of various colleges of the institution who organizes regular productions. This year, the workshop organized a play entitled ‘Harvey’. The show was staged on three days commencing on the 22ndof march, 2012 at the Lady Willingdon Hall, CMC, Ludhiana.

Mr. Sajin Sunny Mathew, the student co-ordinator of ‘Harvey’ said, “We are glad that the rich tradition of high quality productions we have had in the past has been kept alive with ‘Harvey’ under the patronage of our director, Dr Abhraham G Thomas.”

The play ‘Harvey’ is a comedy in three acts authored by the American playwright Mary Chase. It is about an affable man named Elwood P Dowd (played by Manu Mathew Kurien) who claims to have an unseen friend named Harvey- a six-foot, one-half-inch tall rabbit. His social-climbing sister, Veta( Angela Elizabeth Eapen), and her daughter, Myrtle (Meriya Joseph), find his eccentric behaviour embarrassing. She decides to have him committed to the sanatorium and a comedy of errors ensues. As the play moves hilariously through various comic situations, there is an underlying message of goodwill and encouragement that the lead character always portrays. His philosophy of life is a message to us all. ‘Many years ago,’ he says, ‘my mother told me I should be either oh-so-smart or oh-so-pleasant. I was smart for years. I recommend pleasant.’ Through every stressful situation even in the face of anger, he remains calm, kind and courteous making him well-beloved character by the end. The message of love and bonding between family members which prevails eternally despite mutual faults, is powerfully depicted through the play.

Be it the well- coordinated production, the enticing props and costumes or the proactive backstage crew, the production holds together and moves seamlessly through the three acts. A collective team, comprising a cast of about 11 students and about 50 others pitched in their time, efforts and talents in the making of ‘Harvey’. “An amazing and witty play that’s bound to leave you captivated and entertained” adds Mr. David Livingston. “It was challenging but fulfilling experience  to put up a three act comedy on stage with the right expressions, timings, punch lines to deliver and even working off-screen and on-screen chemistry with the co-cast. It boosted our confidence and built on our positive traits allowing us to improve” said Angela, one of the actors. “Though there wasn’t much tedious work involved, we worked hard at depicting the scenes to the finest detail,” said Ansu John, a member of the props crew. “It was a gratifying job to design the costumes and transport the actors to a different era.” said Amritha Kurien, from the costumes team. The director of the play, Dr Dhruv Ghosh, a paediatric surgeon of CMC said, ‘It was a great joy to work with the students on the play. Their talents never cease to amaze me.’

The annual musicals and plays have been appreciated by the residents of Ludhiana city and surrounding areas for the many years. This year’s play, ‘Harvey’ was a break from the hectic routine of life as aspiring doctors entertained and enthralled the audience showcasing the power of voice and expression. Aditi George, one of crew members said,  “This year’s play is a must see. Funny and heart-warming, it’s a wonderful night of theatre for the whole family.” --Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria

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