Wednesday, March 14, 2012

“Population based stroke registry survey”

Objective of the study is to find the burden of stroke
Ludhiana, 14th March, 2012 (Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria)
Photo courtesy: Lourdes
The department of neurology at Christian Medical College is conducting a “Population based stroke registry survey” sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This is a unique project being conducted in the country only in the city of Ludhiana under the HOD, Depttof Neurology, CMC&H. The burst of development, evolving socioeconomic status and wealth in the city has led to change in lifestyle, increased stress affecting the health of residents. The risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, alcohol consumption etc lead to stroke in the form of brain attack, paralysis, brain hemorrhage. In this national program, information about all the first stroke patients that occur in Ludhiana city, is being collected from August 16th 2010 onwards.

The objective of the study is to find the burden of stroke, stroke types and risk factors for stroke in Ludhiana city. The data collection is done from city birth and death division, selected health care institutions and scan centers.

The Deptt of neurology, CMC offers free check-up and blood test to stroke patients whose information could not be collected because, due to some reason, they received treatment outside of Ludhiana. The stroke should have occurred after August 16th 2010 and should be a first stroke with patient being above 18years of age. To seek appointment regarding the same you can contact Dr.Jeyaraj D.Pandian at 9915784750; Dr.Shweta Jain:9855334242; Ms.Gagandeep mehmi:7837743961; Mr.Amber sharma:7696575767. 

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