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Dr Bedi is a pioneer in beating heart surgery

A new chapter of success added in CMC
Ludhiana, 12th May, 2012 (Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria) Mr Jagdev Singh was in a very difficult situation. He was suffering from severe heart disease. All his heart arteries were blocked. He had earlier had 2 stents put in – but they too had blocked. He was at a grave risk of suffering from a major potentially fatal heart attack. Added to this was the fact that both his kidneys had failed and he was on continuous peritoneal dialysis.

He was seen by Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery - at the prestigious Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.   Dr Bedi consulted Dr Timothy -    Head of Nephrology and it was realised that the though the patient needed an early bypass surgery but because of his kidney failure he was at a great risk. This is because the conventional on pump CABG produces an inherent kidney failure of its own which when added to the existing problem would have been difficult for the patient’s body to handle. So he underwent a triple beating heart bypass which was preceded by a cycle of dialysis and followed by routine peritoneal dialysis cycles. Dr Bedi has trained at the St Vincents Hospital in Sydney where he has seen such cases deteriorating rapidly with conventional surgery

The other members of the cardiac team involved in this marathon surgery were Dr Allen, Dr S Garg , Dr Melchi , Dr Paul, Dr D Arora , Dr Saavan , Dr Pearl and Dr Neelakshi   .  The kidney failure and dialysis technicalities were taken care of by the superspecialist team of nephrologists headed by Dr Timothy – his team included Dr Jasmin and Dr Pratish . In a CABG patient the greatest risk is low blood pressure but this was tackled by doing a beating heart triple bypass surgery.

Mr Jagdev   is now doing well. Dr Bedi is a pioneer in beating heart surgery in which he holds a Limca World Record. He said that because of the special technique devised by him patients who were earlier refused surgery can undergo this life saving procedure with safety.

Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC – emphasised that now complex heart surgeries are being done successfully at CMC. This is possible because of the excellent infrastructure and faculty of CMC. He said that CMC is committed to bring International level cardiac care to the doorsteps of the people of this region.

Dr Bedi can be contacted at 9814060480 for any clarification
Photo: Mr Jagdev Singh with Dr HS Bedi after the surgery.

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