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Struggle for human rights

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Fight for the dignity of the women!"  --Professor Chaman Lal
On Lohri occasion, sharing a message of Shah eed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch Patiala-(Translated from Punjabi)-"Million Greetings on Lohri and Maghi- Lohri and Maghi festival are known as symbols in Punjabi culture for the onset of warmth, community feeling of closeness, the enthuse to fight/die for Human rights and the challenge from woman to man for fighting against oppression. In Lohri folk songs-Dulla Bhatti has remained a part of Punjabi mentality as fighter against state oppression on people. Muktsar(A Punjab town) Maghi festival, held in memory of 40 Muktas-the liberated ones reminds us of Mai Bhago, who had challenged the retreating men from war against oppression, leaving Guru(Gobind Singh) behind. But it is regrettable to say that because of forgetting our militant and proud tradition, the piousness of relations and warmth has evaporated. Gang rape case like Delhi, the worsening conditions of girls and female foeticide like fires have extinguished the soul of sensitive men.
Well meaning and good fellows! Festivities of Lohri and Maghi like festivals in meaningful only if we will make sincere efforts for communal amity, struggle for human rights and fight for the dignity of the women!"
Mai Bhago is the symbol of brave Punjabi woman, who made the forty soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh come back to fight with him, while they were retreating out of fear of death. Later they all sacrificed their life in war and were given the title of Muktas-the liberated ones by Guru Gobind Singh, they died near Muktsar, a district hq, but small town of Punjab, where every year on Maghi day, a big mela is held. Perhaps Veerangna Jyoti or the brave fighter of Delhi shame case is Mai Bhago of present day India, who raised the conscience of Indians by her sacrifice!
Lohri song says-sunder mundriye ho-tera kaun vichara ho?-O poor girl who is your saviour?-Dulla Bhatti wala ho!-he is Dulla Bhatti! Dulle dhi viyahi ho!-Dula married the poor girl(Daughter)!, ser shakkar payi ho!(He gave one ser(Near kilo) jaggery(not exact)(in dowry) kudi da lal pataka-red suit of the girl! kudi da shalu pata-the torn headgear(not exact) of the goes on and on with different lines added at different times by folks, but Dulla is saviour of poor and Akbar got him hanged for rebellion. Najam Hussain Syed in Lahore and another playwrites have written good plays in Punjabi on Dulla Bhatti. He is like Bhagat Singh of medieval times and shatters the myth of Akbar as the great king of India!                                        --
Chaman Lal,

Professor & Former Chairperson
Centre of Indian Languages, JNU, New Delhi
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