Sunday, June 09, 2013

I want nothing but justice for Preeti

Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 9:01 AM
I want an immediate CBI probein Preeti’s acid attack case
Preeti succumbed to her injuries after being attacked with acid. Join me in demanding an immediate CBI probe to find out who attacked her.

Dear Rector -
My daughter Preeti died after she was attacked with acid in Mumbai.
She was attacked in broad daylight at Bandra Station in Mumbai on 2nd May this year. Her eyes were damaged, her liver and kidneys got infected and she endured crucifying pain for almost a month.
She put up a brave fight but eventually gave in to her injuries and infection. She left us after suffering a cardiac arrest on 1st June 2013.
We still don’t know who attacked her. The efforts made by the Maharashtra Government to investigate my daughter’s case have failed.
That’s why I started this petition on asking the Home Minister of Maharashtra, R.R. Patil to order a CBI probe and find out who fatally attacked my daughter. Will you support my petition?
Preeti left Delhi with the hope of starting a new life as a nurse in the Indian Navy. She worked very hard to get this job so that she could support us. But her excitement and enthusiasm was cut short due to an act of madness by a maniac.
The Maharashtra Government offered me a compensation of 2 lakhs which I refused because I want nothing but justice for Preeti. My wife and I want an immediate CBI probein Preeti’s acid attack case and her attacker to be punished.
Sign my petition telling the Home minister of Maharashtra, R.R. Patil, to order an immediate CBI probe in my daughter’s case and punish the culprits. Your support will give us strength and courage in our fight for justice.
Please sign my petition and forward it to your friends too.
Looking forward to your support,
Amar Singh Rathi via

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