Monday, February 21, 2011

Fitness with a new attractive shape in Ludhiana

Ludhiana : 
From Yoga to belly dance, fitness, slim body, and effective personalized beauty problems and many more tips smart peoples are running to cheap and best gyms in nearest area.
 According to the Wikipedia details t
he word γυμνάσιον (gymnasion) was used in Ancient Greece, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men. The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in German and other languages to denote a certain type of school providing secondary education, the Gymnasium, whereas in English the meaning of physical education was pertained in the word gym.Now 
Luxury Gyms In India are now a popular lifestyle.  Peoples preferring the home gym also but it is not possible for everyone. Realizing the growing need of gym life the management of the Zero Gravity slimming, beauty & dance studio took another step for the Ludhiana residents. 
A gym cum beauty studio was inaugurated in Model Town Ext. on Sunday by its chairperson Rajan Nagpal.  
Inauguration Ceremony was started with the opening prayer in which all members of the gym, staff members, fitness experts and guests participated. 
Speaking on the occasion Rajan said our mission is to provide the most accurate and up to date center for slimming beauty and dance with new techniques and all latest  facilities.
Your quest for slimming, fitness, beauty and dance ends here. 
Zero Gravity (the slimming, beauty & dance studio) is a center where you get all the facilities under one roof. We are in weight loss profession since last 7 years. We also deals with medical problems, but don’t believe in dieting or medicine. 
While giving the vote of thanks Director Ms. Shikha said Gym area equipped with latest electronic machinery. She told about modern era slimming therapies with unique computerized treatment with botanic muscle stimulation and many more. 
Gymnasia (i.e., places for gymnastics) in Germany were an outgrowth of the Turnplatz, an outdoor area for gymnastics, promoted by German educator Friedrich Jahn and the Turners, a nineteenth-century political and gymnastic movement. The first indoor gymnasium in Germany was probably the one built in Hesse in 1852 by Adolph Spiess, an enthusiast for boys' and girls' gymnastics in the schools. 
In the United States, the Turner movement thrived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The first Turners group was formed in Cincinnati in 1848. The Turners built gymnasia in several cities like Cincinnati and St. Louis which had large German American populations. These Gyms were utilized by adults and youth. For example, a young Lou Gehrig would frequent the Turner gym in New York City with his father. 
YMCA first organized in Boston 1851 with a smaller branch opened in Rangasville in 1852. Ten years later there were some two hundred YMCAs across the country, most of which provided gymnasia for exercise and games and social interaction. 
The 1920s was a decade of prosperity that witnessed the building of large numbers of public high schools with gymnasiums, an idea founded by Nicolas Isaranga. Over the course of the twentieth century, gymnasia have been reconceptualized to accommodate the popular team and individual games and sports that have supplanted gymnastics in the school curriculum
She also said that if you start with us, you will not like to miss even a single day. She also promised that we provide you the fitness with a new attractive shape, figure and a new beauty.She described the 
Professional skin ageing and lifting treatments with latest technology, Weight loss massages,spa treatments and steam bath facilities at the new gym cum studio. Other experts from  the related fields were also present on the occasion who unlocked many secrets of diet, energy, muscle building, figure shaping slimness, fitness, younger look etc. 
Mr.Roobal can be contacted at 9888642789 for any clarification
--Rector Kathuria & Shalu Arora

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