Friday, February 11, 2011

Save A Life

An Urgent Appeal
Shiv, a 3 year old boy from Punjab was brought to CMC hospital in a serious condition by his parents with complaints of difficulty in breathing along with abdominal pain on & off. The boy belongs to a very poor family and is financially handicapped and is in desperate need for help. The child is diagnosed to have Pancreatitis along with ascites and pleural effusion i.e. fluid in chest and abdomen. His condition is critical and requires surgery as it is not improving. 
The cost of his treatment is beyond the reach of his family. His father is a daily wage laborer who manages to get work about 20 days a month only. His mother is a domestic help earning 1200/month but is currently with child in hospital and out of work. We encourage you to come forward and help this child by contributing to the Surgically Sick Children’s Fund of CMC Hospital, Ludhiana.

Any person interested in contributing can contact the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

The Contact Numbers are –
Dr. William Bhatti- 9876609924, Dr. Dhruv Ghosh- 9915198894, Dr. Nandini K. Bedi- 9914360480.    ----Amarjeet Kaur

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