Friday, February 11, 2011

Foreign surgical superspecialists at the Harmandir Sahib

Dr Bedi with foreign surgical superspecialists at the Harmandir Sahib
The Christian Medical College & Hospital. Ludhiana was honoured specially for its contribution to the health of the people of Punjab. In a solemn ceremony Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery at CMC & H – was honoured for his immense contributions to the advancement of knowledge of cardio vascular diseases and their latest therapy and their compassionate implementation so that the people of Punjab stay in good health. In the hallowed office of the SGPC in the revered Harmandir Sahib Dr Bedi was bestowed with the ceremonial saropa and a replica of the Golden temple. Dr Bedi is credited with being a world leader and the pioneer in beating heart surgery and in the world’s first use of the radial artery in treatment of vascular disease of the leg. He has ben earlier bestowed the “Punjab Parman Patra” fro his services to Punjab.
SGPC honoring Dr. H.S.Bedi at Amritsar
Dr Bedi has recently hosted the prestigious “ International Master Class on Venous Disease  – 2011”  on 7-8th Feb 2011 . In view of the extensive work on vascular disease being done in the CTVS Dept of CMC & H it was decided by an international panel to hold the workshop in Ludhiana. This is the first such workshop in North India .   Renowned surgeons, including Prof Jean-Francois Uhl (France), Dr Ted King (USA), Dr Mark Malouf (Australia) and Dr Benigini  (France), were invited to give their expertise so  that the latest techniques could be used to help people of this region. Extremely complicated cases were operated upon by the CMC surgeons with the visiting experts. Delegates from all over India participated to learn this new technique (endovenous thermal ablation) which has been perfected in CMC & H.   Dr Bedi took the visiting team to pay obeisance at the Harmandir Sahib.
According to Dr Bedi, chronic venous disease is quite common in India as most of our population works in the standing position, leading to pressure on the veins which dilate. It is estimated that over a lakh die due to venous disease (DVT and PE) each year – which is the equivalent of the disappearance of a city the size of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. With the new technique (endovenous thermal ablation) there is no large cut on the patient , no pain , no anesthesia , no hospital admission and an immediate return to work (compared to severe pain, need for general anesthesia and a 3-5 day admission and a 2 week leave from work). This workshop was attended by a large number of surgeons from all over India who were greatly helped by the workshop.
Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H – reiterated that CMC was committed to bringing the latest technology to the people of this region...: Rector Kathuria

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