Monday, February 21, 2011

Kasab still has a chance

Mohammed Ajmal Amīr Kasāb can now challenge his death sentence, upheld by the Bombay High Court on Monday, in the Supreme. If the Supreme Court also uphold his death penalty then he may file mercy petition before the president. He was  born on 13 July 1987 in Pakistan. He is a Pakistani Islamic terrorist who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. According to Wikipedia details Kasab is the only attacker captured alive by police and is currently in Indian custody. The Government of Pakistan initially denied that Kasab was from Pakistan, but in January 2009, it officially accepted that he was a Pakistani citizen. On 3 May 2010, an Indian court convicted him of murder, waging war on India, possessing explosives, and other charges.On 6 May 2010, the same trial court sentenced him to death on four counts and to a life sentence on five other counts.His lawyer, Farhana Shah, said that her client still has a chance and is likely to appeal in the Supreme Court against the Bombay High Court's order, which upheld his death sentence. She said, "We will go through the judgement and then suggest Kasab on the next course of legal action. It is upto Kasab to decide.
Kasab was born in Faridkot village in the Okara District of Punjab, Pakistan. His father is a dahi puri vendor while his elder brother, Afzal, works as a laborer in Lahore. His elder sister, Rukaiyya Husain, is married in the village. A younger sister, Suraiyya, and brother, Munir, live in Faridkot with the parents.
Photo Courtesy:Urdu Tahzeeb
According to reports, the village of Faridkot is quite impoverished and isolated, despite being close to a larger town. On the side of a building, just outside Faridkot, graffiti in large lettering says, in Urdu, "Go for jihad. Go for jihad. Markaz Dawat ul-Irshad". 'Markaz Dawat ul-Irshad' is a parent organization of Lashkar-e-Taiba. For More details you may also click here

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