Monday, January 23, 2012

Amarinder forced to adopt PPP agenda – Dr. Johal

PPP is happy that it is the agenda setting party of Punjab
Courtesy photo: The Tribune
Chandigarh : Capt. Amarinder Singh has been shamelessly trying to copy the campaign agenda of the People's Part of Punjab (PPP). While he had tried to dismiss the PPP agenda initially, now he is trying to ape it in a desperate attempt to save himself from oblivion. Copy cats like Amarinder will no doubt be rejected by the people of Punjab because of their inability to present anything new and worthwhile. 
Dr. Sardara Singh Johal, Patron of PPP stated that it was PPP which was the first party to announce doing away with the VIP culture and stopping all beacon lights and security paraphernalia. Amarinder, who being a feudal lord, is himself trapped in the false aura of servants, orderlies and hanger-ons; is now desperately trying to salvage his piteous situation by claiming that the Congress part would do away with these.

Punjabis know how Amarinder has misused the apparatus of the state when he was the Chief Minister. And now when people are revolting against this system, he has been forced to present a different view of himself.

Similarly, it was the People's Party of Punjab which announced the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Rozgar Yojana. Capt. Amarinder who failed to come up with a policy program blindly copied it in the Congress manifesto. Not only that the Congress has also copied the Bebe Nanki Shagun scheme. The list goes on, but it only shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the Congress party.

While the PPP is happy that it is the agenda setting party of Punjab, it is with regret that the other parties are mere copy cats who are unable to formulate their own independent agenda. However, it is glad that the voice of the people which is manifest thought the PPP is increasingly becoming the agenda of all political parties in the state.    ***

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