Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comrade Amarjeet Kaur called upon the CPI cadre

Devote full time and energy in support of D P Maur
City unit of the Communist Party of India held a cadre meeting in support of Com Dharam Pal Maur who is contesting as a SANJHA MORCHA candidate of CPI from Ludhiana West. Mrs Amarjeet Kaur National Secretary CPI called upon the CPI cadre to devote full time and energy in support of Dharam Pal Maur.
Today there are three main contending parties to form government in our state. Please do remember the state assembly is the august body which frames policies for all walks of life and decides about revenue collection, budgeting and allocations to social sector as well as other fields.
On the one hand side, she said, is the Congress party during whose regime the infamous City Centre scam in the city of Ludhiana and the scams like 2G Spectrum, Common Wealth Games, Adarsh Housing society etc. happened at the national level. Prices of essential commodities rose to sky high and recently we witnessed how they scuttled the passing of Lok Pal Bill in Rajya Sabha.
The other contender Akali-BJP alliance has ruined the law and order situation in the state, brought the state to the verge economic indebtedness to the tune of Rs.1,38,000 crores, the alliance partners were busy capturing transport and TV channels through all corrupt means for their own benefits, the government adopted the methods of oppression and beating towards agitating unemployed girls and boys. Corruption has risen to unprecedented levels in the state.
She reiterated that for the first time there is a ray of hope for the people of Punjab as an alternative in the form of SANJHA MORCHA of People’s Party of Punjab (PPP), Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India Marxist (CPI M), Akali Dal Longowal to both these contenders who have been ruling the state of Punjab all these years turn by turn. The Sanjha Morcha is committed for development, for maintaining rule of law, to defend the interests of workers and employees, for defence of home based, small and medium industries, defending the small traders and shop keepers, for expansion of quality education and health care  in the state sector and extending help to the small scale sector in these fields. This Morcha can fulfill the dreams of developing Punjab as a prosperous state with its people having sense of justice and involvement.
Sh.Rajesh Gandhi – Member State Committee PPP in his address assured of active support of PPP cadre.
Others who addressed the meeting include Comrades Kartar Singh Bowani – Distt. Secretary CPI, Ramesh Rattan – City Secretary, Dr Arun Mitra – Asstt. Secretary, O.P.Mehta, Gulzar Goria and Gurnam Gill.
Earlier in the day Mr.Maur addressed several meetings and he went door to door in Agar Nagar where he got rousing welcome from the residents and full support.    

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