Thursday, January 12, 2012

Capt Amarinder Singh will relax from Day One: PPP

Former royal is known for relaxing and enjoying-PPP
Chandigarh : People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) today dismissed the comments of Punjab Congress chief Capt Amarinder Singh where he stated that “we would move decisively from day one” stating that the former royal is known for relaxing and enjoying rather than working. How can Capt Amarinder Singh claim that he would move decisively from Day One, when the policies and programs of the Punjab Congress and its manifesto are still not decided?
In a statement issued here today, PPP chief Manpreet Singh Badal said that the question of moving decisively arises only when a party knows what decisions to take. In the case of the Congress, even the party manifesto has not been spelt out though elections are a mere three weeks away. How can they move decisively when they have no idea of what decisions to take, Manpreet asked.

The Capt is busy in ensuring dynastic politics and tackling rebellion, and has no time to think about Punjab, Manpreet said. He is busy ensuring tickets to his son and relatives, while ignoring issues concerning Punjab.

Moreover prior experience with Capt Amarinder Singh in 2002 tells us that he never moved an inch, leave alone move decisively. The only movement of Capt Amarinder Singh was on the helicopter during his days in power, while in recent days it has been trips to Dubai and Thailand. Capt. Amarinder Singh was never known for any decisions, policy issues or programs. Can Capt Amarinder Singh spell out even one program that he initiated in Punjab during his tenure, Manpreet asked?

He regretted that the Congress party has already announced its party candidates without announcing its manifesto. “This shows that they are power hungry interested only in grabbing power, rather than announcing the programs and policies,” Manpreet said. He added that the interview of Capt. Amarinder Singh where he remarked about moving decisively was only a reaction to the 100 days policy, plans and decisions already announced by the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP). Realising that people are excited about the policies of PPP, Capt. Amarinder Singh is now resorting to empty slogans to justify the lack of policy and programs of the Congress party.                     *********

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