Monday, January 16, 2012

An appeal for Anil

7 year old was born with only one pumping chambers
Anil with his mother and Dr HS Bedi in CMC
Young Master Anil  s/o Dev Nandan and Pano Devi  is in a difficult position. This 7 year old was born with one of his 2 pumping chambers of the heart absent. Due to this his growth has stopped and he is constantly blue. He was seen by numerous doctors all over India. He then consulted Dr Harinder Singh Bedi – Head of the Department of Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery at the prestigious Christian Medical College and Hospital in Ludhiana. Dr Bedi realized that the defect if uncorrected could be fatal as the body could not tolerate low oxygen for a long time.
He explained that the heart has 2 pumps – the left and the right ventricle. In Anil – there is just one. Consequently all the blood (good and bad) mixes in this pump and gets circulated. As this is a mixed blood it is impure or blue and the whole body including the brain is always short of oxygen.
Dr Bedi has trained at one of the most advanced paediatric heart surgery centres in the world – the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney. Even there – Dr Bedi says- children with such advanced stage are not seen as the get operated much earlier. Anil will need a major open heart surgery where the surgeons will try and make a new heart for Anil using an imported heart lung machine. Anil’s father is a labourer and cannot afford the treatment even after a major concession by the hospital. Any donations may be made in the name of:    ’Christian Medical College   , Ludhiana’    with Anil’s name at the back. All donations are tax exempted.
Anil wants to get better so that he can study. Dr Bedi said that after surgery Anil should be able to handle any profession of his choice.

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