Monday, January 16, 2012

Sanjha Morcha is to establish rule of law

Defeat Congress and oust the ruling alliance-Amarjeet Kaur
Ludhiana//January 16, 2012//Manmeet Kaur and Rector Kathuria
Undeterred by the rain, the CPI candidate of the SANJHA MORCHA of PPP,CPI, CPI(M) and Akali Dal (Longowal) from Ludhiana West constituency Dharam Pal Maur, continued his door to door campaign and public meetings. He addressed a group meeting in Raj Guru Nagar. Public meeting was also organized during the rain yesterday at Haibowal which was addressed by Mrs Amarjeet Kaur National Secretary CPI said that the agenda in this election to defeat Congress and to oust the present ruling Akali-BJP alliance who have successively ruined the state and lowered its position in the country. She said that the agenda of the Sanjha Morcha is to establish rule of law and to take Punjab out of the serious debt of Rs. 138000 crore as a result of wrong policies of the alternate Congress and Akali-BJP governments. The people this time have a choice in the form of Sanjha Morcha. We have witnessed the infamous City Centre scam in our city itself under the former Congress govt. 2G scam, Common Wealth games scam and Adarsh society scam have fully exposed the hollowness of the congress.  It is time that the people vote for the SANJHA MORCHA of PPP, CPI, CPI(M). Akali Dal Longowal to establish a corruption free government and for economic development of the start.
Others who addressed the meetings include SH.Rajesh Gandhi of PPP, Dr Arun Mitra and Randhir Singh of CPI.

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